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Noisy Creek Guide Service is located on the scenic Olympic peninsula in Washington State. The Quinault river originates deep in the Olympic mountains and flows southwest through the “Enchanted valley”. Several miles above Lake Quinault the river is joined by its main tributaries the N.F and E.F Quinault. Below the confluences, the river travels a few miles before emptying into lake Quinault. The lake empty’s into the prime fishing grounds of the lower Quinault river. The 69 mile watershed from mountains to ocean, consists of 200 inches of rain on average, combined with old growth cedar, Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, maple, and alder make for a unique and and complete ecosystem, that produces an abundance of big fish. The Quinault Fisheries Department keeps the rivers and tributaries stocked with hatchery, native salmon, and steelhead seasonally. The Quinault river has two hatchery’s, and the Queets river also has one which work together to keep the fish population up to how it was originally in the past. I work for the Quinault Fisheries Department, and product various samples, conduct surveys on the rivers, tributaries, and the lake throughout the year which allows me to always be on the water.

The lower Quinault Fall salmon season begins in late August- December, and transitions into Winter steelhead. Winter “Steelies” run from November through April. Spring Chinook, and sockeye in spring months, summer run “Steelies” are in June-August. There are also an abundant of sea run cutthroat and dolly varden during the summer months. Noisy Creek Guide Service is also happy to welcome fly fisherman. There is year round fishing on the Quinault, with fall Chinook, coho, and winter steelhead being the busiest (September-April). So be sure to reserve your spot with Noisy Creek Guide Service for the best fishing trip of your life.

Remember no state license is required and the Quinault and Queets rivers are not open to public fishing, boating, or camping, and requires a Quinault tribal guide for sports fishing. The regulations to bag limits, releasing wild Chinook, and steelhead, and hook restriction do not apply on the Quinault. Noisy Creek Guide Service is currently booking trips, weekends are the best time for us to schedule trips, but weekdays are also possible, just give us a call or send an email for your particular request.


$200 ~ Jet Boat Trips

$150 ~ Walk In Trips (Cook Creek & Salmon River)

Hunting Guide Service

Noisy Creek Guide Service reminds you that no Washington state tag is required for our bear hunting guide service. The Quinault reservation has not been open to non tribal hunting since established by the treaty of the Quinault river of 1855. Quinault tribal hunters in the past  only harvested about a dozen bears annually, making for a spike in the bear population over the years. Combined with the dense, rain forest, and enormous fish runs on the reservation, makes for the largest black bear population in the lower 48. The Quinault nation black bear hunting program was opened to reduce the damage caused by bears to coniferous trees on the reservation. Annual inventory flights conducted since 1980 indicate that the forests of the reservation boundaries continue to be severely damaged by bears feeding on the cambium layer of trees in spring. Bear damage to coniferous forests is severe and widespread throughout the reservation, and has caused a significant financial impact to the Quinault people and programs. Some forest stands are so severely damaged they must be removed prior to rotation age and a new stand established. Forest managers have tried various strategies to reduce tree damage such as supplemental feeding programs. The reservations bear population was previously unmanaged due to a lack of tribal harvest and the abundant food source. The blossoming bear population has led to low elk calf survival rates  and high coniferous tree damage.

Noisy Creek Guide Service 25 bait stations are monitored by game cameras, and freshly baited daily. Noisy Creek Guide Service guarantees to place you and your hunting party on my most active bait stands up on your arrival. We also have double man tree stands, and ground blinds to make for a comfortable hunting experience.

Choose your own weapon but I recommend a .30 cal. or larger modern rifle for these brutes, also larger caliber pistols, and 20 gauge shoot gun or larger with slugs or buckshot. Bow hunters are definitely welcome. Luminox is a go on the reservation.

Gear:  Head to toe camo, camo bug face shield, thermacell, sent control spray (a bears sense of smell is 7 times better than a blood hound), coolers for game storage, urine container, camera for your trophy, snacks and beverages.

I provide all of the gutting and skinning of your trophy bears, along with quartering of the meat for transportation. I also have access to a private cooler for hanging. For out of state hunters, I can make arrangements to have your trophy sent back home for you. There’s also local taxidermists and butchers to help accommodate with your needs. Call or email for pricing.


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